Welcome to Lucky Dog Training Club!


Positive, reward-based training enhances the bond between you and your pet. We will provide you with the tools to build a more joyful and satisfying relationship with your dog. This clear emphasis on positive reinforcement gives dogs the freedom and confidence to think, learn and experiment throughout the training process. The dog’s natural capabilities are encouraged and rewarded rather than being suppressed through the threat of severe punishment or harsh corrections. From your dog’s perspective they can solely concentrate on the challenge of learning and trying new things rather than worrying about the consequences of doing something wrong.
Our goal is to provide a place where dogs and their people may play, train and interact in a clean, safe, and pleasant environment, while developing a positive, closer, more bonded relationship.

At Lucky Dog, we are dog training professionals who embrace a dog-friendly, positive training philosophy and strive to share our goal of enhancing the dog/human relationship with others. Classes are meant to encourage stronger relationships, build a foundation for good canine citizenship and create happy, social and well-rounded dogs– and have fun doing it!

As a member of APDT (Association of Professional Dog Trainers) we share and uphold their philosophy: All dogs are effectively trained through dog-friendly techniques and therefore are lifelong companions in a relationship based on mutual trust and respect. Want to see what we are all about?

Visit our YouTube channel for some great training, behavior, and other informative videos. Meanwhile, we hope you like the video “Enjoy Training Your Dog at Lucky Dog Sports Club for an overall look at many of our class offerings.

Our amenities include

  • Fully fenced and landscaped outdoor grassy training field with excellent footing and lighting for both day and night classes and events.
  • Complete, professional agility and rally equipment
  • Double-gated (outside) and double-door (inside) access for safety
  • Pet waste bag station and disposal
  • Air conditioned indoor training facility with 1/2″ rubber floor for safety and comfort. Perfect for training and events.
  • Water available for cooling down (outside hose; indoor water fountain).
  • Bathroom facility
  • Patio area for socializing before or after classes & events