Obedience & Manners Classes

Tired of your dog not coming when called the first time you ask? Annoyed by a dog who drags you for a walk or doesn’t seem to notice when you’re talking to him? If your dog’s behavior has got you a bit frustrated or embarrassed, or if you just want a little more polite behavior, this class is for you.

Living with an engaged and responsive dog is one of life’s greatest pleasures! We can help you enjoy a calmer and better-behaved dog.

  • Class Eligibility: Non-reactive dogs, 16 weeks and older
  • Class Duration: 6 Weeks (one class per week, one hour each)


Why enroll your dog in an Obedience Class?

We want to help make life with your dog easier by allowing you to enjoy a calm and well-behaved companion. Teaching your dog to understand your obedience commands is important, but it’s the relationship-building that really counts. When you build communication skills and a better relationship with your dog, better manners and obedience will easily follow.

Your dog will learn to respond to you the first time you ask and you will learn how to change pesky habits like pulling on the leash and jumping up. This class also serves to establish the foundation for more advanced classes.


What to expect in Obedience & Manners class?

We will train or improve basic obedience skills and improve manners. We will work on attention, impulse control, and the ability to work around distractions. We will help you build better motivation and confidence and discuss how to solve some pesky behavior problems. A few things that we will focus on in this class include:

  • Improving the manners of your favorite pooch.
  • Improving basic obedience skills such as sit, down, stay, go to your mat, and come.
  • Solving troublesome problems such as pulling on leash.
  • Using impulse control games to teach leave it and other skills to decrease unwanted behaviors such as pulling toward lizards, squirrels or other dogs while on walks.
  • Getting better attention and focus so your dog will respond to you the first time, even around distractions.
  • Teaching your dog to work around other dogs and people, and build drive, motivation, and confidence.
  • Teaching you how to utilize the power of the clicker to teach skills quickly using positive techniques
  • Teaching you to reward success, not punish mistakes. This results in a dog that has trust and confidence in you and who is eager to learn.


How to Sign Up for Obedience & Manners Class

If you’re interested in having your dog join us for an Obedience & Manners Class, please contact us at 561-427-6700 or send us an email at info@luckydogtrainingclub.comOur sales staff will be happy to talk through any additional questions and get you signed up!