Day Training

What is Day Training All About?

Our Day Training Program is designed to be both fun and interactive, while also providing both mental and physical stimulation for your dog. The structure allows for both private and group training sessions throughout the day, ensuring that our trainers are able to focus on your dog’s specific needs, while also ensuring there is plenty of group interaction. Ultimately, the goal of Day Training is to help support your dog on their journey to becoming more comfortable and well-adjusted in the world.

How Does Day Training Work?

Your dog’s day begins when you pull up to the training club between 7:30-9:00AM, our trainers will greet you at the car to escort your dog into the center. Over the course of a day’s session, your dog will receive…

  • One-on-One Private Training focusing on skills and obedience
  • Group Training (off-leash) with other dogs to improve interaction and avoid distractions
  • Group Play Time (off-leash) focused on developing the skills needed for proper play
  • Structured walks throughout the day helps puppies with potty training and all dogs with their leash skills
  • End-of-Day Report Card (with Videos) so owners can see how they are progressing

The Day ends when you pick up you dog anytime between 5:00 and 6:00PM and discuss with the trainers how they did during the day. While rewarding for all dogs, we find that the Day Training Program is particularly helpful for dogs that are struggling with socialization, reactivity, fearfulness, and/or shyness.

How Do I Sign Up for Day Training?

Day training is available for Full Days or Half Days, either morning or afternoon sessions. If you’re interested in having your dog join us for Day Training, please contact us at 561-427-6700 or send us an email at, our sales staff will walk you through the details of the program, options, and our Day Training Packages.