Day Play

What is the Day Play Program All About?

The Day Play program has been created for those dogs that still need daily stimulation and training, but perhaps do not require the intensity of Day Training. Your dog will receive all the same group training and individualized mental stimulation throughout the day, but will not be pulled for individualized tiers. Day Play dogs will also not be receiving a training day report card. In summary, the Day Play program provides a more affordable option where your dog(s) can still be both mentally/physically stimulated and trained, just with less intensity and a greater focus on group sessions as opposed to individual training.

Why Did We Create the Day Play Program?

We started the Day Play program because we were hearing and seeing from our customers that had moved on from our Day Training Program to a Doggy Day Care that they were seeing the re-emergence of bad habits. In most Day Cares they just cannot group your dog according to play style and temperament and there is inherently less structure. Often dogs are left to their own to interact in large groups of other dogs, which is where bad habits can re-emerge.

We appreciate that not everyone wants to keep their dogs in Day Training in perpetuity, so we felt it was important to offer an alternative option to Day Training where people could bring their dogs. One that would provide an environment that while not as intensely focused on training progression, is nonetheless providing a more structured, closely monitored, and supportive environment that will ensure that continued progression.

Day Play Eligibility 

To be eligible for Day Play, all dogs must have completed a minimum of 10 days of Day Training and be cleared by the facility manager to be accepted into the Day Play program. These requirements exist to ensure that we have a firm grasp of your dog’s temperament and obedience level, be sure that Day Play is a good option. As part of Day Play they will be regularly interacting with dogs that are enrolled in Day Training, so it’s essential that they are ready. Once they are cleared for the program, you can mix and match Day Play with Day Training as much as you’d like!

How Do I Sign Up for Day Play?

Day Play is available for Full Days or Half Days, either morning or afternoon sessions. If you’re interested in having your dog join us for Day Play, please contact us at 561-427-6700 or send us an email at, our sales staff will walk you through the details of the program, options, and our Day Play Packages.