Obedience & Manners

We want to help make life with your dog easier by allowing you to enjoy a calm and well-behaved companion. Teaching your dog to understand your obedience commands is important but it's relationship-building that really counts.

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Day Training Program

Help support your dog on their journey to becoming more comfortable and well-adjusted in the world. Our Day Training Program is designed to be both fun and interactive, while providing both mental and physical stimulation for your dog.

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Puppy Training & Socialization

Why should all puppies go to school? By five months of age much of your puppy's personality has been determined, so it is very important playing pups to begin a class prior to this age.

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Behavior Issues

Got a feisty Fido when it comes to certain interactions? Do you feel lost when your dog barks, growls, lunges or generally becomes difficult to control around other dogs or people? This class is about your dog learning relaxation and trust and overcoming fear and anxiety.

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Day Play Program

The Day Play program has been created for those dogs that still need daily stimulation and training, but perhaps do not require the intensity of Day Training.

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Private Lessons

Are you feeling overwhelmed, embarrassed or frustrated by your dog’s behavior? Get real solutions for training issues or behavior problems including unruly or out of control behavior, jumping up, housetraining, not listening, pulling on leash, or reactivity towards dogs or people.

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Welcome to Lucky Dog Training Club

  • Looking for something fun to do with your dog? We’ve got that!
  • Frustrated by your dog’s behavior? Solve problems or learn new skills to have the well-mannered dog you want. Take either a class or schedule a private lesson.
  • You and your dog will receive lots of personalized attention using dog-friendly, science-based, positive methods to make quick work of training and create a dog that loves to learn with you.
  • We will help you avoid or solve common problems and training pitfalls.
  • Classes are motivational and fun and there are all kinds for all breeds and ages.
  • We can even help you solve more serious behavior issues such as aggression and fear.

Dog Training & Events

Positive training will teach your dog to joyfully respond to you. The result will be a responsive, well-adjusted dog. You want a dog who is unafraid to try new things and make mistakes, because then real learning takes place. You will be rewarded by a strong, lifelong friendship with your dog that's built on trust.

Check out our Class Schedule

New classes are starting all the time. Keep checking back!

Monthly Calendar

Use this month-at-a-glance calendar to keep track of classes that you are taking and when they skip for holidays or end. Watch for new classes and events that you don’t want to miss out on. If you are a member, keep track of when your space is available for your personal use.

Private Lessons & Consultations

We can help you find an effective solution to behavior problems and training issues. Call to discuss scheduling your private lesson.

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