Teacher Mindy Cox
Age 4 months of age or older
Class size 5
Duration Three 45-60 minute sessions
Category Obedience / Manners
$ 98.00

Is your dog taking you for a walk?

In this mini class we will teach you the fundamentals of how to teach your dog to want to walk nicely by your side.

In 5 steps, we will begin to change your dog’s patterned behavior of pulling and create a new habit.

  • Teaching your dog to be aware of and correct tension in the leash,
  • Teaching them that being right next to your side is the best place to be
  • We will build a solid foundation for you and your dog every time the two of you leave the house.
  • We will also focus on getting/keeping your dog’s attention in a high distraction environment because if we can’t get them to focus on us, how can we expect to get them to walk with us?
  • We will work on building the ‘leave it’ behavior so that you can turn your dog from distractions

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What you need to prepare for this virtual class:
  • High-value treats (ex: 2 snack size ziplock bags of freeze-dried liver; chicken; low-fat hotdogs; or cheese cut into pinky nail-size pieces)
  • Recommend a treat pouch for easy access to your treats
  • Equipment: regular leash (no retractable); collar or harness or head collar (such as Gentle Leader). Recommended: front-clip harness for better control of pulling (ex: Freedom; Walk In Sync; Balance)
  • Clicker for quicker training (if you opt to use one)

For more information on preparing for a virtual class please read: virtual consult handout