Teacher Anna Strait
Age one year and up
Class size 7
Duration 6 1 hr. Sessions
Category Agility
$ 125.00

Prerequisites/Skills Needed to join this class:

  • Successful completion of Novice Agility or similar class, or at instructor’s discretion;
  • Your dog can independently weave without luring:
  • Can run a sequence of at least 12 obstacles;
  • Your dog should be able to be penned or crated;
  • Can weave 6 poles and is ready to advance to 12;
  • Can more successfully perform handling maneuvers such as a front cross, rear cross and blind cross, in more challenging setups;
  • Your dog should reasonably perform pinwheels, 180s, serpentines, and other jumping skills;
  • Your dog must be non-reactive towards other dogs or people;
  • Many participants in this class are preparing for competition.

*A crate is strongly recommended for this class.

This class is designed to advance you and your dog’s agility skills and to prepare you and your dog for competition if desired. The class will build on jumping skills, obstacle discrimination, and distance handling skills. The dogs must be reliable off leash and under good control. Dog/handler teamwork is emphasized, not on just getting through a sequence but the way in which it is accomplished.

The class is designed to teach the handler and the dog how to gain confidence, accuracy, and speed. Performance on all equipment will be fine-tuned. We will continue to work on more complex sequences and run advanced courses. You will be building on skills learned in earlier classes with a further emphasis on handling techniques and course strategy. You will also begin to learn advanced international-style handling skills and maneuvers to increase your skill and effectiveness and build on obstacle discrimination.

Drop-ins are welcome if there is room in the class. ($25.00 per dog)