Open House Fun & Games!

Sunday, March 15th
12:00 – 4:30 PM

Let’s Pawty and raise the woof!

Join us for a fun-filled, family-friendly afternoon. All social dogs are welcome too.

Everything is FREE!

We have lots of activities, demos and games planned. Game winners will receive a gift bag filled with goodies and a trophy so register now and grab your spot. (Spots are limited).

Please stop by, see our new space, and participate in some fun activities.

A schedule of events will be posted soon. (Want us to email it to you when it’s ready? Let us know.)

Here are the activities we have planned for you (subject to change)…

Games. Join the fun or cheer on the players (dog/pet parent team):

Be the first dog/human team to finish the race to Hollywood and become STUNT MASTER- the most famous animal actor on the planet.

Your dog does not need to know how to do all of these “tricks” in order to play. Many of them are simple commands (with a twist!). Your dog either already know them or you’ll want your dog to know them. They can be easily attempted and learned in the course of playing the game.

Part of the beauty of the game is learning to work as a team with your dog.

You can play as a team of 2 people and a dog. After the timer starts you can help each other with strategy but only one should be working with the dog.


The order of play is determined by the roll of a die. On your turn, pick a card and then the human/dog teams moves forward on the board by successfully performing “tricks” of skill and good manners in this fun game. Each time it’s your turn you can choose your card/trick level: Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced and do what the card indicates.

When the team successfully performs the trick (it’s timed; you only get 30 seconds!), you will move the number of spaces indicated by the trick value on the card. You  then follow any instruction listed on the space on the board.

For many of the cards you can’t touch your dog, but you are welcome to use treats to lure your dog to do what the card indicates. Use your ingenuity to figure out how to get your dog to do all sorts of things such as rollover, back up or creep on his belly.

If a player fails to perform a trick, the next player may elect the MY DOG CAN DO THAT! replay option for double the spaces.

Note: if you register to play this game, you will be sent the complete simple rules.

Winning the Game. The first team to perform a trick that puts them on the Stunt Master star at the end of the path wins the game. The game will play for an hour. The round will be completed. If nobody has reached the end, the team who is in the lead wins.

Winning prizes:

Gift basket worth $100 from the sponsor of this game, Harmony Animal Hospital.

Plus $100 gift certificate toward any class or event at Lucky Dog!

Plus a trophy that you can exhibit with pride.

Musical Hoops

This is musical chairs for dogs! While the music plays, handlers walk their dogs around a row of hula hoops. (There is one hoop per dog; no fighting to get to a hoop!) When the music stops, handlers tell their dogs to “sit” (or “down”) so that at least two of their paws are in a hoop and the dog is sitting. Any dogs without two paws in a hoop are excused. The last dog to sit is excused.

Play is continued until there is only one dog left sitting!

Rules: You can’t pull your dog into the hoop and you can’t push them into a sit (no touching your dog). You are encouraged to use treats and praise to work with your dog. The game continues until the last dog is sitting inside a hoop.

Prize: Cool swag bag of goodies and a trophy.

Bucket Brigade

Everyone lines up at the start line with their dog on leash. When the game starts, each person fills a cup from their provided tub of water and holds the cup in the same hand that’s holding the leash.

Each team must walk quickly with their dog to their designated 16-ounce plastic cup across from them and empty the water from the small cup they are holding (in their leash hand) into their larger plastic cup. Return and repeat, until the large cup is full.

Remember, you must use the same hand to both hold both your dog’s leash and the cup of water. The trick is to keep your dog’s attention so that he does not pull on the leash and spill the water.

Lots of praise and engagement with your dog is allowed and recommended. The first dog/person team that completely fills their 16 oz plastic cup with water wins!

Winner gets a prize: a cool swag bag of goodies and a trophy.

Temptation Tower

In this race against the clock, you have one minute to stack as many biscuits as you can into a tower of tasty dog treats.

But there is an added challenge. You must build this tower of treats in front of your dog! If your dog eats any of the biscuits, you must rebuild until your treats or the time runs out. If your tower falls, you can rebuild until time runs out.

Here is the rule: you can talk to your dog (nicely, of course) but you can’t physically touch your dog or hold your dog back with a tight leash. You can use any cue you like including stay, leave it, down, etc.

The winner is the dog and handler team with the greatest number of biscuits in their tower!

Prize for the winner: swag bag full of goodies and fun stuff and a trophy.


Join us for some tail-wagging fun games that you can learn to play at home to keep your dog occupied and engaged.

These are the games planned with instructor Cheryl VanVoorhies:

Muffin Tin Game

Push & Search for Treats Game

Help your dog find his or her inner Pawcasso.

Your dog will paint a masterpiece for you to love and hang at home.

Don’t worry, no paint will get on your dog!

Do you worry that you won’t know what to do if the unthinkable happens?

Learn  how to perform CPR on your dog with veterinarian Dr. David Cox.

Your dog does not need to know how to play agility to do this fun obstacle course.

You will learn how to get your dog’s attention and work together as a team while doing each fun obstacle on our agility field.

This activity is with instructor Anna Stait.

A veterinary behaviorist from Florida Veterinary Behavior Service will be here speaking about this common behavior problem. Do you know that there are many reasons for barking? Decode and learn strategies to begin to stop your dog’s barking.

Living a healthy, active lifestyle is not only important for you, the pet parent, but also for your four-legged best friend.  Learn about the benefits of focused exercise for you and your dog and ways you can help each other! This seminar is given by Coach Mandi Garcia.

Pet Photos:

Vasi Siedman is a professional, award-winning photographer. She specializes in capturing unique and beautiful portraits of people and their pets.

Come to the Open House and sign up for your photo sitting, either of your dog alone or both (all) of you together.

All photos will be uploaded to her website and you will be able to download the one you want, free of charge for our guests!

Vasi is donating her services. There’s no charge today!

Learn how to take great photos of your pets.

Would you like to learn how to take high quality pictures of your pets with your phone? Vasi Siedman, professional pet photographer and founder of PetPIX Academy will discuss angles, lighting, pet posing, and other tips and tricks.

Grab another guest or one of us to use your smartphone camera to take memory-making photos of you and your dog.

We will have fun and funny props for you to use to enhance the whimsy factor.

Kid Stuff. Fun for the young and young at heart.

Become an animal for the day! Our face painter will turn your little one (or you!) into the animal of their choice. Roar!

Go fishing! Fish for a fun prize. Or join the competition and see who can catch the most fish in a minute! (These fishies are safe. The colorful plastic fish and rod are magnetized.)

Ring Toss. Get the ring over the bottle or cone to win a prize.

Match the ducks. Find two floating ducks with the same number on their bottom to win a prize.

Bingo Scavenger Hunt. Search around Lucky Dog to locate each picture on the card. Everything is hidden in plain sight! Get 4 across or the whole card for a prize.