Teacher Mandi Garcia
Age 6 months of age and up
Class size 6
Duration 6 group + 1 assessment + 6 private coaching
Category Special Interest
$ 399.00

NAMA-STAY! Welcome to

K9 Fit Club: Commit to Be Fit

Exercise and wellness for you and your dog.

Why leave your dog at home while you work out? You know your dog is a happy puppy when they get exercise too! Make your workout more fun and rewarding by adding your best friend as your workout partner. Bringing your favorite hound can be fun and muttivating. That’s why Lucky Dog is excited to partner with Coach Mandi Garcia and K9 Fit Club, Palm Beach Gardens.

We are offering an intro class, Commit to Be Fit, which is a unique class where both the human their dog can exercise and spend quality time together.  Get a great workout and pawsitive training while seeing what K9 Fit Club can do for your fitness.

This class is geared for people of all fitness levels, even the novice, and is a great starting point for people looking to get back in shape.

You get all of this:
  • Six small group fitness classes up to 45 minutes* in duration at Lucky Dog with your fave Fido.
  • One private intake session to address your current level of fitness along with determining your wellness needs to make the class more meaningful for you. The private session will be scheduled prior to the start of the group class.
  • Six private health coaching sessions scheduled at a time convenient for you and your Coach to build your foundation for personal wellness.
That is a total of 13 sessions, 6 group and 7 private, with Coach Mandi!


This is what you have to look forward to in this class:
  • In-depth personal fitness evaluation assessing blood pressure, resting heart rate, body composition, cardiovascular and muscular fitness.
  • Comprehensive intake process for your dog which includes their daily activity, medical history and getting to know their individual personalities.**
  • Curriculum-based lifestyle coaching discussing S.M.A.R.T. goal setting; nutrition education like label reading, portion control, and macronutrient exploration; fitting in fitness throughout the week; becoming your own health advocate and building your personal foundation for success; – and yes, homework will be assigned for you AND your pup designed to increase your success and keep you motivated (or muttivated!).
What are you waiting for? Fetch your spot now!
Still not sure? Choose your time in an upcoming  FREE K9 Fit Club Demo Day on  Saturday, March 21st. CLICK HERE now.


*Participants do not have to complete a full 45-minute class if their ability is not yet commensurate with class goals. You can go at your own pace.

**For class safety, only dogs that are considered social in nature and show no fear or aggression towards people or other dogs will be admitted.

This class is geared for people of all fitness levels, especially the novice, and is a great starting point for those looking to get back in shape.  You will be coached on basic exercise form and learn how to work out with your best friend.  Even those considered more advanced levels of fitness must start at Commit To Be Fit before engaging in other K9 Fit Club classes.  The dynamics of exercise are significantly changed with a leash in hand!

All participants (both human and canine) are required to complete a fitness assessment prior to engaging in classes.

For the humans: these assessments include the gathering of personal health information and identifying current levels of cardiovascular and muscular fitness which will be protected according to HIPAA Law. Class participation is subject to no other contraindications for exercise which may require medical clearance from a licensed healthcare provider.

For the pups:  All incoming dogs must undergo a simple physical and behavioral evaluation.  All eligible dogs must be considered social in nature and not show any aggressive behaviors towards other humans or dogs alike.  Dogs are required to obtain veterinary medical clearance and a declaration confirming recent vaccinations and monthly preventative treatments to ensure the safety of all animals and humans from zoonotic disease.  Failure to provide these documents will inhibit both a dog and their human from participating in classes.

We are glad you asked!

Getting started with exercise is a very important part of living a healthier lifestyle, but that’s not where it ends.  As part of your package, you will  have the added benefit of connecting with your coach weekly, either in person, by phone, or virutall (Zoom) to check in on your progress and come up with creative solutions to ensure your personal success.

Unfortunately, refunds are not accepted without due cause which includes recent injury/disability with medical documentation (a doctor’s note), or dogs with notable aggressive or unsocial behavior as determined in the required assessment prior to the start of Classes.  You may be eligible though to postpone your start with another dog, or engage in private classes if appropriate.  This will be determined at the discretion of Lucky Dog Training Club and K9 Fit Club, Palm Beach Gardens.  Please contact us for any questions you may have prior to submitting payment.

Yes! We often have FREE F9 Fit Club Demo Days.

Meet Mandi and have some fun getting to know how K9 Fit Club works. Try out some of the equipment, ask questions and get excited for an opportunity to help you and your pup live healthier, more active lifestyles.

Check the schedule or email Mandi (mandi@intufitness.com ) to find out more.

Please email Coach Mandi at mandi@k9fitclub.com. She will be happy to answer your questions.

We are so excited you feel that way!  Just follow this link to register and we’ll get you going ASAP.

Also, be sure to print and sign the K9 Fit Club Master Waiver.