Class Supplies List

These are some of the things you will need to bring with you to class.

Small soft treatsBring lots (a whole baggie full)!

  • The size of the treats should depend on the size of the dog, but in general, each individual treat should be no larger than your pinky fingernail. How often and quickly you reinforce is much more important than the size of the treat.
  • In a new, distracting environment, you want extra special, high-value treats.  You want small soft treats that are easily chewed and immediately swallowed.  You can bring several different kinds in snack bags.
  • Some good things to use for training treats are string cheese, low-fat hot dogs, homemade liver treats, cooked chicken, liver, or roast beef, cut into very small pieces.
  • In addition, you can also bring “pre-made” treats such as Zukes, Buddy Biscuits soft treats, Lean Treats, etc.
  • If you are registered for an agility class, please no crumbly treats.

Clicker. I recommend one that has an opening to attach a wrist coil so it’s easy to hold and manipulate. We have clickers and wrist coils for sale if you need them. Using a clicker to train your dog is optional but it is a tool that helps create new behaviors and skills very quickly.

Treat bag. These are nylon bags which either clip onto your pants or come with a belt to hang around your waist. The treat pouches may also have a pocket to hold the clicker. The best ones open and close quickly and securely with one hand so treats are quickly accessible and don’t drop out easily and distract your dog. We offer good ones for sale. (Please no drawstring pouches on the agility field unless it remains closed.)

Tug toys. Please bring one or two of your dog’s favorite. This is great to relieve pressure or to get your dog engaged with you. It can also be used as a reinforcement for correct behavior. It is especially valuable on the agility field but useful in any class.

Plain buckle collar or martingale, or harness (absolutely no choke chains or pinch collars). You may have your dog on a Gentle Leader Head Halter or in an Easy Walk harness in addition to a regular collar.

Soft, 6-foot lead (cotton webbed or soft leather are nice). No retractable leashes, please.

Mat for your dog to lie on. This can be a fleece crate mat, low-pile bath mat (with a non-skid bottom is great), yoga mat, etc. It should more than fit your dog when he or she is lying down. No matter what class you’re in, a mat is great for settling your dog when he or she is not working. It is required for some of the obedience classes because we will work on building this skill (such as Focus Foundation and My Dog Has C.L.A.S.S.) and recommended for all other classes.

In some classes, you may also be expected to bring a crate. It is highly recommended in the agility classes to give you the freedom to learn handling skills before trying them with your dog. It is required in Nose Work Games class (or you can rent a crate). (We do make exceptions for those dogs that are crate-phobic.)

Water bowl (hey, learning is thirsty work!). We have a water fountain.

Stuffed Kong. Great for keeping your pup occupied during demos. Go to

We have many of these items at Lucky Dog, including treat bags, treats, tug toys and clickers. Please come to class about 10 minutes early to purchase what you need.

You should wear a good pair of sneakers or comfortable shoes.

Our training techniques are completely positive; we use a lot of food incentives, combined with clicker training for many concepts.  Accordingly, please feed much less than usual before coming to class.  Your dog will be more responsive if he is a little hungry.  Also, you may want to cut down on your dog’s food a little as he will be getting a lot of calories from his training treats and you don’t want him to gain weight.